Friday, May 23, 2008

Chris' new blog - check here for exciting news

Okay, so I have been living in Bologna for 4.5 years and only now have created a blog so that my family and friends can check up on me. I will try to be faithful in writing and apologize in advance for all the photos of Ray that I will be posting here.

Andrea is in Sicily for the weekend, attending a conference in Taormina with all his Italian collegues who flew in from the US. I, at the moment, am enjoying a sleeping 3 year old on the sofa and a day of breezes and sunshine - appreciated after7 days of rain. (well, at this moment of publishing, it is now pouring rain again...)


kathleen duey said...

Christine, I am just wandering around in blooger and came across your blog. The odd thing is that I was in Bologna (I live in California) for the children's book fair in March and fell in love with it. I came home and told Richard I had found the place I wanted to live, one day.

My best wishes to you..
It's raining here today, thunder and wind and all--Very rare in southern CA!

Christine Ricci said...

Bologna is a wonderful city to live in - check out to prepare for your move here!!