Friday, May 8, 2009

They don't even come close to Hunterdon County...

One of the most beautiful counties of NJ. The fox hunts - the master of the hounds blowing the brass in his red jacket, the dogs and the riders on horseback - coming around the corner of a trail to see this pass by was extraordinary (though I admit I could never support the lynching of a live fox...).

I found this article in this week's NYT:


paula said...

Happy Birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear chris,
happy birthday to you!!
Growing ever closer to that big 5-0!
love you!

paula said...

You promised pictures!

suziq said...

While NJ just can't seem to shake being the butt of bad jokes, it is really a well kept secret !!
(although, the taxes are going to strangle us and force some of these “jersey girls” to PA)
As we enjoy birthday cheers for my Bill today, we raise our glasses to you also.
Celebrate another candle in your cake and enjoy-
Much love-

p.s.—regarding little Ray’s profile~ Che bel nasino !