Monday, June 22, 2009

Marche Weekend

We were invited to the Hoddell's house in the Marche for the weekend. It was very nice to spend a chunk of time with my closest friends here - Philippa, Harriet and Sogand (I got a lot of tea and sympathy about the ruin, as well as prosecco and a negroni). It was a mix of rain and plain, old overcast sky, but the sun finally broke out on Sunday afternoon. We had left just after lunch so we didn't get to swim, but I heard the pool was pretty warm. We did spend the time learning backgammon and foosball, and Ray got to hang out with his "Italian cousins" - well, as close as they all can get to having some!

We took the long way home and passed "the Rock" of San Leo - a castle built on a stone hilltop. It is much more impressiveto see in person.

I hope I can post again before Ray and I leave for the US next week. It seemed so distant but these recent weeks have gone by much too fast. Still, I am so psyched to see everyone....

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paula said...

We are psyched, also!
Hugs and safe trip...
see you soon!