Friday, September 11, 2009

Apartment for Sale in Bologna

It is official. We signed the contract yesterday and if all goes well, we will sell this sunny place and by next summer I will be complaining of all the yard work I have to do.

Here are some photos of Bologna; the end of a race in the main piazza, a wedding, a photo of Andrea and Ray at the news stand, and another I took last night from the window of an American friend. The two leaning towers of Bologna are its most famous landmarks. Keiko climbed to the top of the taller one by herself one year, and I did it with Pico and Jeremy a couple of years ago. It has the most beautiful views.

I wonder if I will miss Bologna should we move into the provincia.

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paula said...

It's great fun to see the satellite dishes on the rooftops of the city of Bologna! I love the newstand picture... it's so tokyo-ee! Keep us up to date with pictures of the house hunt; I know that there is something out there for you!