Monday, October 19, 2009

Italian Autumn 2009

Our region of Italy, Emilia Romagna, had the loveliest fall weather - it had been very warm until last week when the temps finally dipped into the 40s at night, though it is still sunny and high 50s in the daytime. Here are some photos of the season - the chestnut festivals are in Scascoli (the first 8 photos, where they also hold a American style western riding competition and where we hope to be living this time next year) and a neighboring town which is so small they roasted the chestnuts in a parking lot. The night photo is an aperitivo on a friend's property that overlooks Bologna. Ray is ready for Halloween... oh, and oranges are in season.

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suziq said...

I love the nighttime photo --oh, dolce vita !! Maybe you can fix me up with one of the chestnut roasters (photo 10).
And is that Count Dracula-- very scary.
Enjoy trick or treating with your little guy.