Thursday, November 5, 2009


Before I started working at the International School, I studied for a TEFL certificate (teaching English as a Foreign Language) and then taught English privately for a couple of years. It is a great thing to do when you have a tiny baby at home who sleeps a lot, but it is really stressful in that the preparation takes a lot of effort so the high fee one can charge per hour isn't so great once you add in travel time and missed appointments (and I didn't have my Vespa in those days). But you meet and get to know very well many Italians and I made some nice friends along the way. Anyway, one of my favorite students was Daniele. He wanted to learn an American accent to prepare for his launch in Hollywood where he enrolled in acting school and we would spent hours reading over movie scripts. Fortunately, not "Streetcar...". Here is his website -


suziq said...

Un bel uomo !!
Will be looking for him on the big screen.

Conrad said...

I'm looking into TEFL certification programs. A friend of mine suggested I check out International TESOL Teacher Training. The low price for the online course made me a little suspicious so I decided to try and contact you as I noticed your name on the Testimonials page. Were you able to secure work through their placement program? If not, was their certification accepted at any of the schools where you applied? I hope I'm not troubling you with my inquiries. I just want to be sure of the program before committing to it. I would appreciate any information/advice you can give me.

Thank you & Happy Holidays,


Anonymous said...

Conrad, I never utilized their placement program and taught English privately here in Italy, where I was already based. Their course was exactly what I was looking for (an intense review of English grammar) though you should probably contact someone who wanted the benefits of future job placement.

Conrad said...

Oh, alright. Thank you.