Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow again

Mother Nature's (hopefully) last laugh came last week - the upsides are that the motorbikes were moved by the firemen, Ray was able to have his best friend over to play, and blood oranges are especially delicious these days and make the best juice.


paula said...

Trying the figure out where the tree(s) fell in respect to your home. Here, if a tree fell (let's say to hurricane, tornado or just plain wind (as a tree fell on my house once)), the city wouldn't care. Even if it fell on the street, they would want the owner of the tree to get a tree service to remove it. So I smile seeing the firemen move your bikes :-)
Global warming cause all kinds of ruckus on weather everywhere! *sigh*

suziq said...

The snow looks so beautiful, especially when one isn’t responsible for shoveling it!
We are experiencing monsoons here in NJ.
Trees down, roads flooded—I think Mother Nature has had enough with all the bickering. . . .
Be patient, the crocuses are beneath that blanket of white.

(I'll take that oj with a splash please !)