Thursday, May 6, 2010

HH International

So, in the end, it all really progressed and the crew of three House Hunters are arriving in Bologna today. We have a hectic schedule that runs through to next Wednesday and I never lost the ten winter pounds, grew out my butchered fingernails (ah, to work with 5 year olds every day!), got my hair cut, colored and styled, and so on - so you get the authentic Chris appropriate for "reality" tv. I will try to take some photos throughout and hope there are none of anyone losing their patience.

We have been busy just running our regular schedule, but we did manage a weekend escape to celebrate a certain 49th birthday (ouch, well actually a little wine took the pain away) with friends Kathryn and Marco (it's her 34th - double ouch). We went to the same agriturismo that we celebrated at a year ago ( and though it was a little rainy, we were still able to visit the "vulcano" - a natural gas flame that has become our favorite picnic spot (next time we will bring hotdogs on a stick along with the beer and cheese sandwiches).

Above is a game of Italian billiards - I never grasp the goal - those little pegs on the table - to knock down or not?

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suziq said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend ! I hope the celebrations continue.
Cant wait to see you on the big screen-- I love that show !!