Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am posting some links that you might find interesting.

Here is an article from the NYT on cooking pasta. I have a pasta police who lives in my house and so have learned that there is a specific pasta for every type of dish. My favorite here in Bologna is "strozzapreti" that translates into "strangle the priest" -
If you want to visit and learn some typical Bolognese recipes, here is my friend, Maribel's, cooking school:

For travel articles on Bologna, check out:
my friend, Carol Sicbaldi (from Boston) has some touring companies:

Italy: news, politics, travel

I served on the board of the IWF for the first three years I lived in Bologna (as president in the final year - a position nobody wants).

Here are some of my favorite miscellaneous links: (where I will spend the month of July) (cousin Kenji's employer)

I won't even get to the wine articles. I will continue adding links as they come up...

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paula said...

Wow! A whole bunch of information for travellers to Italy! I'll have to digest all this... thanks!