Friday, June 20, 2008

The long, hot summer begins

We have been busy in recent days - the beginning of summer and the end of the school year kicks off the Italian vacation period and there is this urgent feeling to get together before splitting up for the summer. Italians tend to go away for vacation and we aren't talking about a week or two (I'll be happy next year when I can say I am going to the US for 8 weeks, which can be the norm!). We attended the family bbq of the IWF and Ray had a very fun time with his other English speaking friends and the horses. He rode his first pony, and here we both are with Rokstar. How cute is little Daphne in the first photo. All the kids are half-Italian.

We also hosted an aperitivo/reunion to celebrate the marriage and expected baby of Alberto and Esther. Fiorenza joined us along with a Graziela and Piero who live across the street from us (he went to elementary school with Fiorenza and looks like Anthony Quinn. They invited us over for dinner last winter and embarrassingly enough, I fell asleep at the table. In my defense, they were all speaking in Italian and Ray was not sleeping all night in those days so I was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d and completely t-u-n-e-d out). Paolo Pucci came from his family's home in Florence to join us - he was a lecturer at Princeton and is now teaching Italian at the University of Vermont.

My two closest Italian friends, Mara, and Marcella with her new baby Carlotta, came over for some New York cheesecake and american coffee. Both of their kids go to school with Ray.

Ray had his end-of-the-year party at school. It was fun - they had some games where the parents had to "name that tune" and charades. Here is Andrea doin' his thang (he was the champ in the tunes category). The five ladies in the photo below are the teachers, there are two more not pictured (really great for only 25 kids).

Andrea watches the charades with Mara, and next to her is Michele, Marcella's husband. I am just starting to realize how many Italian names start with "M" - Marco, Massimo - they are all so popular for this region...

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paula said...

Chris, my girls rode their first ponies at around 3 years of age... and it feels like just the other day!! Now both girls are in high school, and (it's true) I wonder where the time has gone! Enjoy this time, it does pass so quickly! Cute pictures...I am so glad you have found some good friends at your home away from home! Or maybe here (US) is your home away from home??? lovelove