Saturday, January 3, 2009

Final Visit to the Dream House

The Dream House will always remain in its state - a dream. We went to visit it with a geometra yesterday and there were no surprises in the condition of the house, but the news of the church next door going up for sale was a whopper - and I was really disappointed to hear about it. This would give us some very close neighbors, and depending on how a converted church would be used, could potentially lead to more traffic than we would like along with noise, people, foot traffic, etc. So the whole purpose of finding a hilltop home to get away from it all is mute in this property and I am truly sad. Here are some photos taken with the lovely snow - we have now seen the house in three seasons and it is heavenly. I hope one day someone will appreciate it and restore it back to some of its former beauty.


paula said...

You will find your dream house. One day you'll be motoring the hills of Italy and stumble upon it like you stumbled upon this one. Then a bird will poop on your head.
Pictures are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

suziq said...

Happy New Year my friend !
What beautiful photos—silly me, I don’t think of snow in Italy, but Angela tells me it is so (as your photos prove). Don’t be sad, this only means that the right home is waiting for you and when the time is right, it will appear. How about Bill and I buy the church ??? You could rest assured that there would be little noise coming from the crazy Americans’ home. I have always longed to be near the sea—but I too have learned to be patient as far as when that goal will become a reality. On the flip side, my girlfriend who did purchase that much sought after shore house 5 years ago, tells me when it comes down to it, she now just has two mortgages, two tax bills, two of everything. Working all week and then zipping down to the shore has become more work that she cares for—so we must be careful for what we wish for !!!
After the last 7 years, I have truly learned to appreciate the four walls that surround me now, my fireplace, and a good glass of wine. The rest will come when He says so !!
Happy 2009 and the best to all of you.
Much love and kisses-

Linda said...

I just found your blog today and I really enjoyed your writing. My husband and I are living near Rimini, in Savignano Sul Rubicone, for a couple of years before returning to Oregon.
Good luck with the dream house. The hills around Faenza are indeed beautiful.

Christine Ricci said...

Dear Linda,
My husband went from Italy to Portland to attend graduate school in the 90s. He still has some friends there. A small world indeed! If you ever visit Bologna, drop me a line.