Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Views

We took a drive to...guess where. The house is still standing after all the snow of the winter. It was cloudy when we arrived, but as we drove away the sun broke out and I got some beautiful shots. The area is on the border of Tuscany so we can see the Tuscan hills on a clear day, which are still part of the Apennine range. We are closer to the decision to make an offer.

We saw another ruin along a road we explored. It is in a panoramic location and a very interesting building, and even though the roof has collapsed there is an outbuilding with some beautiful wood beams that are jointed without nails. There is a lot of potential if anyone is interested in taking on such a project.

We met a woman walking her dogs on the street. She asked us if we wanted this little puppy (ek! in a minute..) but she has been living in the area for ten years and complained how isolated she felt. A song to my ears.

We also discovered the Church of Saint Valentino at the end of a little-used road. We read on a board that the area holds a terrible history of bloodshed and violence of a battle taken place in 1943-44. The area is so peaceful and beautiful, it is hard to believe such a thing has happened but I suppose one could say that about almost every war zone at some point.

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paula said...

You say that you are getting closer to the decision to make an offer? I thought the point was moot! There seems to be a number of "ruins" in your travels, maybe another one will suit you better, especially since the church will be sold? Maybe buy the church and they will throw in the house? :-) I'm thinking you enjoy stress....