Friday, February 6, 2009

Boys Night

We had some friends over for a Japanese dinner last weekend - Harriet and Rob with their three boys, Finn, Kei and Seth (from South Africa) and Bologna couple Elena and Franco with their son Giulio (the red head). Ray had a great time playing with them and slept for 12 hours the next night. He usually plays with Philippa and James' three girls, who dress him up and push him around their apartment in a stroller (with a small suitcase full of toys in his lap and holding a leash with one of the girls at the end playing a pink poodle), so it was nice for him to have a rough and tumble night with the boys.

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paula said...

The joys of motherhood... er, childhood! May Ray have many more gatherings of friends in the future! Can't wait for those sleepovers and soccer parties, eh?
The great thing about having children is that you relive your own childhood thru them. Although my girls, in their teens now, hate to think that I once was their age and have done what they do. And the fact that I and you and Patty and Martha were cheerleaders have Teen and Mary in disbelief. HA! Mom isn't such a fuddy duddy as they want to believe!!