Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Update

We returned from Milan last night. I feel as though I haven't been out of Bologna in a long time, and so took the opportunity to accompany Andrea to a conference he had to attend on Saturday. We decided to go by car even though the new high speed train (which runs from Milan to Bologna in one hour as opposed to 2.5 driving hours) just opened this year. It was very nice to get away and Milan is very different from Bologna - much more modern, faster paced, more inhabitants and tourists, slicker.

I had been to Milan only once before - the year I arrived in Italy and at that time the Duomo was covered with scaffolding. Now, as you can see, the marble is brilliantly white and a sharp contrast to the dim, candle-smoke stained interior. It is stunning. After a trip there, Ray and I went to a park where they had some amusement rides, then took a run in the castle garden followed by a quick visit to the nearby acquarium. It was cold but sunny. At the end of the day, we went to a place I found on the internet - a tiny sushi bar and even tinier Japanese grocery store where I paid 13€ for a roll of futomaki (17$) which is completely insane but I have to say it was delicious and worth every cent.

The police making a fashion statement. Here Run is chasing pigeons at the castle.

Last weekend we had some BCSP alumni over for dinner. John, Beth and Krissy (and her boyfriend, Andrea) are all living in Italy - struck by its fever and unable to break away. John even worked as a shepherd in the south - herding sheep on horseback. It is nice to see them occassionally and know that they will be something like an extended family for me as at least two of them plan on a future here.

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paula said...

looney tunes? (looney toons) on the side of an italian amusement car? wondering what that plastic container that's strapped on the side of the ride is for. nice pictures! beautiful building(s)... one day i'll be able to see them, also! what ever happened about the ruin? let us know!