Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Art of Aperitivo

Here is an article that explains the aperitivo a bit more. The negroni mentioned is one of my favorite drinks. You can only have one though, if you plan to go out to dinner after...


suziq said...

Yummmmm !
Meet me at the A & B at 5:00 !!
Although, I have acquired the taste for a Manhattan-- something that I get to enjoy about twice a year with girlfriends(and we've decided the A&B does the best in serious "cocktails.")

Found the following in the New York Times today. Maybe Paula and I can by it -- and you and yours can visit us there !!! Sicily, sounds divine.

Hope you are well and enjoying your springtime weather. Soon you can be svitzing with the rest of us in good old east coast humidity.
One can only count the days.

Much love,

Christine Ricci said...

Susan, thanks for the link! We did "shop around" when we did our two week motorbike tour of Sicily several years ago. We found that the main problem for a property outside a city or town is that it is completely vulnerable to vandels. Even those in the populated centers had a lot of bars cemented into their window frames, and the crime rate can be higher than Emilia-Romagna and other regions. Sicily indeed is a diamond in the rough and one of our favorite destinations. Part of me hopes it never gets "discovered" yet I feel it deserves much more than what her reputation reaps her. You have seen the beautiful photos in my previous post. Part of her appeal is her sharp edge.

paula said...

The show House Hunters International has been focusing a lot on the Italian market, and it's very interesting to see the homes that people are looking at. Almost all the people want to move to the countryside - more quiet and more land. I am amazed at the homes that have been updated, for they have all the bells and whistles (for being so far from any type of "home depot or lowes" stores. Maybe that is why the cost of renovating (and the proximity of builders) have resulted in such high prices for these homes.
I still think that the ruin is a good buy, and I'm sure that there are many other ruins around that you haven't discovered yet!
Enjoying the car? Pictures, please! Can't wait to see you in a few months, and to see how big Ray has gotten!