Monday, April 27, 2009

April showers - basta!

I promise to post the Vienna photos this week. Andrea downloaded them on an external drive so I have to get around to connecting it to my computer to access them. I am also having problems downloading in general - the site, I think, so here are the only three that were able to come through. Will try again this afternoon.

This past Saturday, it was so beautiful out that we went on a hillside picnic. Fortunately, as we lack a garden (or yard, as they say in NJ), Bologna provides a lot of open green space in the hills surrounding the southern part of the city. We live on the first hill outside the center, so it takes only about 5 minutes in the car to reach some lovely, public yet private areas where we can spread a blanket and have some spectacular views.

(I am glad Andrea is not looking at me with that queer look on his face.)

We also have the little field at the end of our street where I took Ray last week, but the farmer was there that day (he actually lives on our street and is probably a retired lawyer or something who works this piece of land for fun) and told me that what we were told when we moved here - that he welcomed locals to use his hillside- was far from true. If it wasn't for the legal responsibilities he held, he wouldn't mind but he has this big, fat, sweet dalmation that he lets run around and a dog is a dog, however you want to put it, and kids can be annoying to even the sweetest of them.


paula said...

I put the picture of Ray as my background on the computer... how cute! love the profile and the green... enjoy the weather! Can't wait to see you!

Christine Ricci said...

Sometimes we call Ray "no nose" because he has my nose, which if I am not careful, cannot hold a pair of glasses off my face. Typical Japanese nose!

paula said...

My Christine had no nose when she was born, but now sports a sturdy holder for her glasses. Just wait and see... he'll grow that nose until it's perfect!