Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Geezz, time flies when it snows

It has been a dreadful winter in Bologna. Snow every week, cold, 100% humidity. Chilled to the bones. But on one rare sunny day, all the snow melted and we could take Ray to the gardens to ride his scooter.

I can't believe it is almost two months since I have posted, but will do so when I am off next week. In the meantime, here is one of Andrea's student's blog. I get an honorable mention on the February 1 posting, though it is my father who is of Union stock.


suziq said...

Thank Goodness ! I was going through withdrawl. With all the snow in NJ, we need to read about your adventures more than ever !
Love Marc's blog-- interesting to read his "take" on Venice.
Can't wait to hear what the Ricci family has been up to these days.
Keep on posting !
With warm wishes sent your way-

Christine Ricci said...

we had quite a different take on Venice, didn't we! Bottles of wine by the canal - the warm sunshine, bunkbeds, ha! A trip to remember always. Miss you lots. Chris cx