Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moving Residences

I was happy to read this article in today's NYTimes:

I often wondered why I enjoy moving homes when most people I know dread it. I know it stems from the early years of moving to and from Japan every three years, but having had seven addresses in the past eight years makes me think that it has to go deeper than that. Even though we are moving this July to our fourth residence in Bologna (in 6.5 years), I find I am still picking up real estate magazines and scouring what is on the market. I have no real desire to be in the business, though I do love tearing out ads and passing information to anyone I know looking for a new home.

I can just say that the thought of moving into a new area, neighborhood, country - whatever the case may be - I have a heightened sense of excitement, anticipation, self-reliance in finding that new market, restaurant, home goods shop, butcher, coffee shop. I feel like an explorer looking to set some new challenges. Unveiling the culture and interest in local architecture also makes me want to walk unknown streets and getting lost just makes me learn the way better. Oddly enough, I never think of moving in terms of loss or leaving something behind but only in terms of something to be gained.

Anyway, I am anticipating the time I will spend on the hiking trails on the mountain that run just off our new property, where I hope to find a local who can teach me how to hunt for truffles and gather walnuts from the craggy trees. Also, I heard the butcher in our new town is reknowned in the area, and the famous "bread trail" runs through the area - where the century old mills are valued and bread still made the old fashioned way. I can't wait to become a regular at the yet-to-be-discovered garden shop, as well as the local forno (bread shop). Also, to try our new local restaurant - just a mile from home - can't wait to walk the trail that takes us right to it!

(These photos are from a few of the places we lived here in Bologna, including a front door, religious celebrations viewed from two different residences, and unpacking two moves ago. Okay, I never lived in Venice.)

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