Tuesday, June 22, 2010


http://nymag.com/arts/all/approvalmatrix/66753/ - go Kenji! Are those french fries?

We are packing up, finishing off the last days of school, and heading to the beach for a week on Saturday and then to visit the Hoddells in the Marche for a couple of days (they are returning this week from DC) . We have been so busy socially as well that we are pretty wiped out and looking forward to doing nothing but building sand castles and eating pizza (the end of the school year brings tons of events for each of us). I have loads of photos to show, but I left my camera at the last party we attended but will get it tonight at an aperitivo I am going to. Funny, not having that thing felt like I lost my left hand. I take it everywhere with me.
Ray is going to attend my school next fall. He is so excited and this will make my new commute incredibly easier. We are renting a garage a block over from it so it couldn't be more convenient. Here is a photo of him at the new house when we went to visit last weekend. He went straight into the sprinkler with all his clothes on.
I'll write more later -

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