Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting ready for the cold...

Guess what we did today.

We had our wood shed put in a couple of weeks ago to get ready for the delivery, but needing exercise I wanted to stack it ourselves. It was kind of fun. Four hours of it. Fun. Really.

If you like stuffed pork loin, cut the loin in a spiral till flat, then line it with sage leaves. Add sausage meat, then a layer of fresh mushrooms. Put a cooked carrot on the end. After tying up the loin, roll it in salamoia seasoning (I gave everyone a jar in a past visit), sear it in a hot pain, then roast it in the oven. I toss in the diced potatoes when it is cooked halfway. Slice and waalaa - serve it with some crusty pugliese bread to your friends who come and visit by motorcycle.


paula said...


But what caught my attention was the scenery around your home... B-U-T-FUL!!

suziq said...

I love the shot with Ray in the background. You can see that he so wants to get in there and help !
My 59 yr old "boy" still loves to get in there and follow the worker-men around.

Newsica said...

mmm se ve delicioso¡¡¡

mr databoy said...

really nice blog ... yemmm i love cooking & i have blog about food & cooking tips

Lea Carianna said...

I randomly came across your blog and this looks delish! I will be trying it asap! Thanks for posting this :)

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