Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Calm After the Storm

It was a little weird to watch the HHI show - after spending 5 days of filming and seeing it cut down to 23 minutes, it seemed a little thin and I think they edited it just to catch all my "wow"s. But the whole experience was fun and now seeing Ray walk away from watching it after 5 minutes kind of says it all!
I will post some photos of a festa we attended in Monzuno a couple of weekends ago. Twenty chefs came from Bologna to cook two different menus and we signed up for one each, then visited the various stalls to taste their goods. It was really a treat (also to drink wines from the local vineyards, one of which was my favorite: Tizzano) and I hope somebody stateside comes next year to try it with us. This weekend we will go to Urbino with Andrea's students, and the following to Rome where Andrea has a conference. Otherwise, the days are full of commuting and students for both of us. Ray is doing well at the International School. He is learning all the rules and comes home with a "well done" sticker most days.
Well, it's late and I have to get up in 5 hours so I'll post the photos in the next day or so. Buona notte.


suziq said...

I loved the show !!
But really, did house number 3 even have a chance ?
Enjoy every minute in your beautiful casa.

Christine Ricci said...

House 3 had red velvet curtains inside and we all walked around with our arms crossed, snapping our fingers and humming the tune to the Adams family. You didn't see the skylights that went up through the rooftop garden. And the water stains. yikes. xx

Christine Ricci said...
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