Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marsha and Greg

Marsha and Greg, friends from NJ, came to visit us for five days. Marsha and I both worked at PrincetonU and we socialized regularly, but I hadn't seen them for several years so it was a treat to spend so much time together. Marsha and I celebrated our birthdays - hers in Bologna (we are pictured here having an aperitivo) and mine two days later at a gorgeous agriturismo near the Dreamhouse ( - we are going there this again this weekend to celebrate our 6th). We also went to stay at the Hoddell's house in Borgo Pace for one night. Though the Marche region is really beautiful, Greg was very nice to say that the place we discovered (where the Dreamhouse is) was spectacular. Here we are on the trail that runs on the property.

Ray found a new playmate in Greg, and here he is in his best spiderman pose and Greg as "that other guy" wearing his best swordsman face.

We were able to meet with James and Philippa and their three girls for a picnic in the Bologna hills. The kids had fun running around, but poor Cressida fell and scraped the side of her face.

It has been a long time since I had visitors from home. I really appreciate their coming to see me. Please come back soon. xo

Friday, May 8, 2009

They don't even come close to Hunterdon County...

One of the most beautiful counties of NJ. The fox hunts - the master of the hounds blowing the brass in his red jacket, the dogs and the riders on horseback - coming around the corner of a trail to see this pass by was extraordinary (though I admit I could never support the lynching of a live fox...).

I found this article in this week's NYT:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He got in!

I am thrilled to find out on-line (just a few minutes ago) that Ray's application has been accepted for a school transfer. Last year he was not admitted to the Montessori school across the road from us, but they have accepted him this year. This not only means we can now walk him to school, but that he will be in class with some of his friends and learning through the Montessori method. I think this will suit his personality much better and he will be more enthusiastic. I am really happy.