Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May events

There was a lot going on in May. After our stint of "reality" TV, we finally celebrated Ray's 5th birthday with Nonna and Godmother Kathryn and Uncle Marco, our 7th wedding anniversary, an end-of-the-year school party at Ray's scuola materna (Patty, you would not believe how many parents asked me for the recipe for the confetti cake mix you mailed me!), and a rock 'n roll (for a 6th!) and a pirate themed (including parrot) birthday parties. Don't laugh at the scotch tape on the pirate hat I made for Ray - he loved it and the paper eye patch!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My friend, Kathryn, organized a very successful musical instrument "fiera" - a convention of dealers. We attended last Sunday in Bologna and though it was really loud, it was great fun to see not just the instruments but the exhibits with all the canned bands that show off all the cool products. I hope we will buy a digital piano soon, though Ray really really wants a guitar (half size, of course).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ciao! (sob)

So our new best friends are on their way back to Milan where they will catch a flight back to LA tomorrow morning. It was so much fun working with Susan, Tom and Stu these past five days. I think they got the footage they wanted, were totally relaxed and we will miss their company. Keep checking the HHI listings and let us know when it airs - you will probably see it before we do. (Unfortunately, I had left my camera at work and only had it for the final day of shooting.) We have to remember to peel off all the black tape around our house where the brands of appliances had been covered. Action/cut/tone!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

HH International

So, in the end, it all really progressed and the crew of three House Hunters are arriving in Bologna today. We have a hectic schedule that runs through to next Wednesday and I never lost the ten winter pounds, grew out my butchered fingernails (ah, to work with 5 year olds every day!), got my hair cut, colored and styled, and so on - so you get the authentic Chris appropriate for "reality" tv. I will try to take some photos throughout and hope there are none of anyone losing their patience.

We have been busy just running our regular schedule, but we did manage a weekend escape to celebrate a certain 49th birthday (ouch, well actually a little wine took the pain away) with friends Kathryn and Marco (it's her 34th - double ouch). We went to the same agriturismo that we celebrated at a year ago ( and though it was a little rainy, we were still able to visit the "vulcano" - a natural gas flame that has become our favorite picnic spot (next time we will bring hotdogs on a stick along with the beer and cheese sandwiches).

Above is a game of Italian billiards - I never grasp the goal - those little pegs on the table - to knock down or not?