Friday, September 19, 2008

Ray is in school!

Just a quick note to say that today Ray officially finished his inserimento (insertion) into scuola materna (nursery school). (Italians believe that children should not be traumatized in being separated from their parents and so this system of slowing introducing children to school can run from two to six weeks! We had to go through this last year too.) The first few days, he stayed for 60 minutes, the next few 90 minutes, then 3 hours each day of this week, and now next week he can stay until 4 pm. You can only imagine the juggling we had to do to make the drop-offs, the pick-ups, then the babysitting arrangements for the mornings and the afternoons. It was stressful as I was in the throes of a new job, but it was a temporary situation and as Ray loves his new school and my job is enjoyable enough, things should smooth out from hereon. Today when I picked up Ray, the teacher asked me if he was as tranquillo and sereno at home as he is at school, which was nice to hear. His Italian should really improve now and the other day, he actually corrected mine. Ouch.

Okay, here is the real reason I took Ray's photo at a bus stop. She cuts quite a figure around town, no pun intended.


paula said...

congrats on school!
Ray's bust stop photo is so cute! umm, BUS stop! I'm sure Rich would enjoy seeing it also! wow! picture her 40 years from now. poor thing!
Ray is getting so big, we are getting so old! saw mom yesterday and she looks GREAT. at church I was seeing if any older gentlemen made their way to her... not yet, but she looks wonderful! Like a bright butterfly weaving in and out of the dry flowers.
Hope to talk to you soon, lovelove

suziq said...

It is the familiar in seeing Ray’s beautiful face, that makes me feel that I could scoop him up and plant tons of kisses on him ???? (scare the bejesus out of him, no doubt—crazy American). I just love reading these updates and seeing the photos makes you all feel not so very far at all. Glad to see Ray setting his sights high—we’ll see him on campus in no time ! (and with the stock market being what it is, I’ll probably still be here)
It all goes entirely too fast, so enjoy every minute with this little guy (and the other fellow in your life).


Elizabeth said...

Hi Chris!

I am not certain if I did this correctly! It is a nice, early autumn day in Princeton and I'm looking out my office window in West College ... and thought of you and wondered how you are doing. Technology is wonderful! I enjoyed seeing all your pictures! I'll keep this short until I can confirm that I did it right!!! Congrats on getting your license! Best to A!

~ BJ