Friday, September 5, 2008

Okay, I understand the point but...

Where is the fun in not having to deal with Italian bureaucracy and taking years to get your home projects approved and off the ground? Seriously, the light and the air is what makes it so special, and that delicious espresso at the bar in town drunk while listening to two Italians having a passionate "conversation" (I used to think everyone was having an argument) that makes one enjoy la dolce vita. And the amazing food that is eaten accompanied by all that wine. Can you really recreate that in Texas or upstate NY, or anywhere in the US? (Ok, ok, the wineries in California are really quite lovely, I admit - but oh so young.)

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paula said...

hey chris,
having fond memories of my recent trip to napa valley, california, and enjoying the luxuries surrounding the vineyards, i can understand why people may want to recreate that feeling and atmosphere in the united states. it was a memorable time, carefree and comfortable...and you did feel displaced from the whole "american" thing. but, as much as i enjoyed the surroundings, i didn't imagine i was anywhere else but in california. it's kinda like our monthly (or weekly) trips to epcot and visiting the countries. we are overwhelmed with the food, drink, merchandise and "surrounding" of that specific country... but you knew you were in the united states at a tourist attraction. maybe that isn't a fair comparison. when in japanland in san francisco, i certainly didn't feel like i was actually in japan, as much as the japan showcase at disney. you are right - you can create a surroundings to be as close as a place that you want, but without the ATMOSPHERE and TOTAL CULTURE and AMBIANCE of what may be just outside your doorway, it's like a theme park.
anywho, had a good time reading!
love paula