Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pico and miniMasters

Here is a nice article featuring Pico and the school she works for:

And here is the link of her in the band for the Letterman show where she is sometimes called in to play:

And here she is playing at our wedding back in '03. When she was little, everyone thought I was her mother. Now at 25, everyone thinks she is my sister (heehee).
In Florida '02


paula said...

hey, you guys have the same eyebrows! sometimes I think she's YOUR cousin, and not mine!

Sophia said...

you two do look like sisters!!

i dont know any other way to contact you, because my emails i guess aren't going through (i write you often) so im thinking this is the best way. i miss you so incredibly much. please let me know when is a good time to call

suziq said...

Hi there-
Can't wait to see photos of you with your new little students.
Hope that is going well, and you are enjoying them.
You certainly had practice nurturing and encouraging the young folks (women I think) in your life.
Spread the joy !
p.s. I agree with Sophia, we cant get you via email anymore. Oh the busy life !!

Christine Ricci said...

Strange about the emails not going through, though Soph, I know we are having a problem. There is always facebook, I admit I rarely go there. Call me any time on the weekends, and after 12 noon during the week.
Susie, will post some news on the job in a bit. What a change from PU! (I'm a bit too old for spending the day with 20 five-year-olds, some who don't speak English or Italian!) Miss you lots.