Friday, December 12, 2008

December Updates

Christmas is arriving so quickly - I put my tree up over Thanksgiving weekend only because Ray was so exicted to get into Santa's spirit and I was happy to oblige, but still with all my international friends taking off for the holidays in the next week, it feels like a real rush all of the sudden to get in a lot of celebrating. I invited about 40 of them to come toast with us on next Friday at what will be a very tight space here at home. Andrea is moving his office across town on the 29th, so we will spend the holidays preparing the new space by hanging curtains and then arranging furniture in time for the 40 new students arriving in January. School will be closed for two and a half weeks so Ray will get a lethal dose of mom and dad. And of course I can't close without saying I hope we can make Christmas mass at the church next to "the house".

I have learned that Italians don't go for the lights and decorations on their homes and this is something I miss. There are lots of lights over streets in Bologna, but nothing that compares to home. On one hand, it is nice not to feel pressured to decorate our meager exterior, though I do miss driving around to see the lavish decorations that the Americans love so much.


paula said...

We've noticed the lack of Christmas lights in the neighborhood this year, and wonder why that is. I for one, went to Lowe's and bought a bunch of 1/2" pvc pipes and connectors and glue, and went to work. My house now sports two huge (6+ ft diameter) pvc wreaths wrapped in hundreds of white lights hung out in front Good thing I have the walls for such monstrosities! At night, you can see my house for blocks... and I love it! Makes up for all the dark houses on my street :-)
Trying to get in the spirit - it was much easier when the girls believed in the magic of Christmas because of all the imagination we had to use to prepare them... now it's "can I just have money to go shopping?"
Enjoy the season, lovelove

suziq said...

No matter how old, I never tire of all festivities that the holidays bring.
We no sooner cleaned up Thanksgiving dinner, and we were pulling out the Christmas decorations.
Seems like yesterday when Meri was Ray’s size. Now though she still insists we pull out all the traditional trinkets that fill every corner of the house. The two trees went up, as well as all the candles in the windows and fruit topiaries, and then I was off to do it all again at work.
West Windsor residents also seem to be less enthusiastic with lights this year, but my little cul de sac is light up.
I love driving into my street at night—something so comforting in the familiar.
Well, I hope Santa is good to all the Riccis—maybe even a cottage under the tree.
buon natale