Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas, Darling

So it comes, and Ray is ready. I am done with the shopping, will hit the food markets tomorrow for the necessities for Christmas lunch, and in between help Andrea pack and unpack his office. He is moving the program to a larger space in a much more active part of town - off the main roads that leads from the train station to Piazza Maggiore on an old street called "via Malcontente" or "street of discontent" which may allude to it being very close to the old Jewish Ghetto (which goes back centuries - you can go on an underground tour of old Bologna and see the original canals (still with water), a Roman bridge and carved out stones where the knees of the washing women wore them smooth. It is odd to think that a city is so old that original parts of it are buried ten feet underground. But that is what happens when you keep adding on top of roads and buildings. There have also been attempts to build a subway system but there are so many Roman ruins around that it is impossible to excavate without destroying some, and so it hasn't happened yet.).

Anyway, I have recovered from a very active party we threw last Friday - in part to celebrate the beginning of an almost 3 week break for me. We wished a Very Merry to almost 30 friends and fortunately for me, Ray spent his first overnight with James and Philippa's three girls so I didn't have to worry about noise level or him blowing out all my candles. It was great fun and I hope this becomes a Ricci tradition.

Just a couple of photos to to post today - the one of Ray at top from the Thanksgiving dinner with the students. He really looks like my little ragazzo italiano, eh? And here we are at the Christmas party with the students, Ray's first "white-elephant" gift exchange experience. I am glad no one tried to wrestle his gift from him.

Wishing you the best for happy holidays.


suziq said...

we’re apart that’s true. . . .

Although, the distance isn’t far when there is the internet !
5 Years—where has it gone ?
Worthwhile ?
Look at that first photo, I would say so !!

So, to you, Andrea, and little Raimondo-
A very Merry Christmas Darlin’ and Happy New Year too-
The Kovachs

paula said...

Merry Christmas, italian style! Bummer about exchanging (or receiving) only one gift! Know we are thinking about you and sending much happiness your way. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, this time with Ray with all the magic of Christmas. Remember, it's really a Happy Birthday Jesus, and may Ray delight in that aspect of it!