Tuesday, December 9, 2008

House Continued...

So, with this posting, all three of my loyal readers will no longer be waiting in suspense for more news on the ruin (or, Il Paradiso is what I call it in my head, or, The (difficult) Second Child). I apologize for keeping you on the edge, ha. We have been to see the Deacon (I think he is) of the church of Faenza (a lovely town to visit when you come see me in Bologna - famous for ceramics) and he was very pleasant and happy to give me copies of photos and floorplans of the house and property. We went to see the house again as he told us to go ahead and break in so we climbed through the window and took some photos. I admit, afterwards, I was completely discouraged as I looked at it from a different prospective, and those huge cracks running on the interior and exterior walls really threw me for a rude awakening. But I got over that in a day or two and so we returned there again this past weekend and I fell in love with the surroundings, the views from the windows and even the rough beams in the ceilings all over again. So if we can rustle up enough cash, I hope we can make an offer after Christmas. Though we won't offer the "non-negotiable" price, I pray that in this economy they will look favorably on anything that comes almost close to it.

By the way, we ate lunch at the agriturismo down the street from the house that I wrote about before, http://www.marzanella.it/. I must say, the meats grilled at the outdoor smoke house were pretty fantastic, as was the bottle of house wine. We plan to stay there with the Hooks when they come to visit in May.


paula said...

Wow! How amazing is that?!
Like I said, I have $200 in paypal to forward on to you if you need it! At least, then I can claim visitation rights :-)
Keep us loyal readers up to date...how exciting! Looks beautiful but consuming. But, hey, you are an experienced home improvement specialist with lots of construction hours under your belt! lovelove

Christine Ricci said...

My sisters hold a pass for visitation rights whenever they can make it over the Atlantic. If we have such a place, wouldn't your girls love a summer month in Italy every year?

suziq said...

How wonderful !
How about a painting party ??
I’ll pack my overalls and travel that side of the pond.
I’ll also pack up my old Persian throw rugs (and a jug of wine).
If it is meant to be…… but there is definitely spiritual about it.
I’ve been trapped in the world of Princeton, but as events of 08
come to a close, it is so nice to be transported to Italy in your writings.
much love-

Christine Ricci said...

You bring the overalls, and I'll provide all the wine we can throw back! Love to see you here, where ever in Italy that may be. xoxo