Thursday, May 16, 2013

The pergola last summer. I'll post an update.
It's a new year and time for me to check out the new formatting of this blog site to see if I can get back into easily loading photos. We'll, spring is here and time to sell our slice of heaven. It breaks my heart a bit, but perhaps it can take a year or two to move it along so I will enjoy the seasons as they come, and for certain this summer even though I have a short stint at the sea here in Italy, and a few weeks to immerse Ray in his American culture. If you know of anyone looking for the most beautiful Italian stone farmhouse, send them my way. Okay, I am already seeing changing the font is a pain in the neck. I'll give it a go and see how frustrating, or hopefully not, this will all be. A presto.
Ray and his love of lego hero factory dudes.
 Grrr, captions are a set font.


Unknown said...

I love Italy hope to go there one day :)

Isabelle said...

I just found your blog. Although your last post was 3 years ago, it seems quite interesting. I love Bologna & the surrounding areas. It would be lovely to hear from you again!

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